Will translating my website and marketing materials increase my sales?

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March 26, 2018

Will translating my website and marketing materials increase my sales?

Offering your content in the language of your clients feel comfortable reading facilitates the successful internationalization of your company. Especially in digital commerce, your content plays a determining role in the conversion rates of your website and overall business.

Once your national customers have been consolidated, and when the company plans to open its borders and expand, the translation of your material becomes essential adapted to your company’s target users.


How will your sales increase?


1. Increase your sales possibilities with a message that will potential customers in their native language.

2. Triple your impact on social media by expanding your scope through translated captions and hashtags.

3. Improve your email-opening rate; most emails received in foreign languages tend to be eliminated or avoided.

4. Contribute to foreign customer loyalty by helping them perceive your brand or company as close to them.

5. Improve your Google ranking since search engines prefer valuable content relevant to each country’s users.


How else will this help me?


1. Elimination of linguistic barriers through targeted communication with an objective message and a clear audience in mind.

2. Improve your company image by making content approachable and comprehensible. A well thought out and well-written text will convey the image that your company cares about your communication and will improve the image of your brand.

3. Save time and money. When outsourcing the translation of your texts to professionals, allowing them to concentrate on their main tasks.


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