We are a group of people that love the connection that learning another language gifts individuals. We believe that when you acquire a language, you are taking the first steps to acquire a culture.

Let’s walk together.


Our mission as a bilingual service company is to serve as a communication bridge to the rest of the world. We are here to help you prepare to take that next step, whether this be through learning English, translating and editing your projects, or by helping you apply to foreign universities.



Andrea McRostie

Business Communication in Spanish

Born and raised in the Florida, United States, but of Chilean roots, Andrea moved to Chile in September 2016 to discover new markets for her bilingual services. In receiving her degrees in Public Policy and Psychology from Duke University, she was required me to translate a variety of texts, ranging from policy memos to economic analyses to psychological diagnoses. Her professional experiences and roles in private enterprises, the Chilean government and in the American community have contributed to the development of her linguistic skills.





Felipe has a degree in Languages, specializing in English Literature and Linguistics from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Felipe has vast experience translating texts from English to Spanish, Spanish to English, Swedish to Spanish and Swedish to English for websites, law firms, universities, publishing houses and religious congregations. In addition to his translation services, Felipe also proofreads and edits texts of different genres.



Rommy has a degree in English Literature and Linguistics from Pontificia Universidad Católica, specializing in the translation of business, technology, medicine, and legal technical language. Rommy also has eight years of experience as an English teacher, specializing in TOEFL and IELTS preparation and group classes for business teams.




Dominique graduated from Wake Forest University, where she acquired experience revising material for the Psychology Department. Dominique has proofread and copy edited a variety of projects and has managed social media content for international brands.


College Coach

Nicole mentors at Florida Atlantic University Honors where she helps local high schoolers get into the universities of their dreams. She offers the latest tips, from how to leave your texts in English ready to impress.

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